For decades the Ministry of Defence has used unique side-loading 20foot containers
for their supplies, typically carried in traffic on KFA or PFA type wagons.
DB Schenker handle the workings these days, cargoes and the locations are all
restricted information. External markings show which way ammunition should be stacked.
Barrier wagons are usually used around these wagons as an extra precaution.

Wild Boar Models have produced modern 3D-printed MoD box models in two forms
- with or without locking bars (for then separate fitting with Bachmann spares).
The models can be used three to a modified Hornby KFA, or individually with the
Wild Boar's own 3D-printed PFA - all 4mm OO scale. For more details see the
Wild Boar Models website: www.wildboarmodels.co.uk/products.php

We have produced a dedicated sheet of decals - half of which is shown below.
Each pack contains:
  • Sufficient decals for three model wagons with nine containers,
  • Ten different real container codes in the range RCTU220771-849,
  • Different types of end panel details for capacity and weights,
  • Adamson Modular Systems logo stickers (the box makers),
  • Explosive 1.1E diamonds in a range of shades from red to yellow,
  • Head end indications with arrows in various forms,
  • Railfreight Distribution address labels,
  • Barcode and door handle white labels.
Half Of A D120 Pack.

Finished Model MoD Container Wagon.

Jon Gavin of PeakDale works finished the above model wagon with three of the container boxes.
That was using one of the early prototypes from Wild Boar Models with our decals.
Click on the picture to show a close-up showing a typical decal application.

For best results on the uneven surface of the 3D-printed boxes, follow these steps:
  • Sand smooth and ideally gloss-paint each model box,
  • Cover with Johnson's Klear floor polish to ensure a good base for the decals,
  • When dry apply more Johnson's Klear or Microscale MicroSet to act as wet glue,
  • Roughly cut out the decals, soak and slide into place, press down with a sponge,
  • Apply Microscale MicroSol decal softening solution to help bed down the carrier,
  • When dry, coat with more Johnson's Klear or Microscale MicroSet to seal the decals,
  • Finish with any weathering treatments and then build up with satin varnish
    - spray in fine mist layers to avoid carrier shrinkage and decal curling.