K15-*      RADIATOR PIPES CLASS 47 & 57 3D PRINTS £9.50/£4.99/£1.99

We have designed and 3D printed the modern underframe oil cooler radiator pipes fitted to Class 57 and some Class 47 engines. Available in 7mm O-gauge, 4mm OO-Scale or 2mm N-gauge each with the side connecting pipes. Supplied unpainted, for you to decorate. all three sizes shown below.

7mm & 4mm Class 57 / 47 Radiator Pipes.

K15-AClass 47/57 Radiator Pipes 7mm O-Gauge£9.50
K15-BClass 47/57 Radiator Pipes 4mm OO-Scale£4.99
K15-CClass 47/57 Radiator Pipes 2mm N-Gauge£1.99

2mm Class 57 / 47 Radiator Pipes.

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If overseas shipment is required to outside of the U.K., please Contact Us first for a special price quote before ordering as international postage will be more expensive!