Essential for any accurate model of a running B.R. Western Region steam locomotive, headcode frames were also used on some diesel hydraulic Warship engines. The system was first introduced in 1934 and lasted untill the end of steam. The codes held in the frames were used to identify to signalmen a train (at first using three numbers) or route (from around 1960 with a letter followed by two numbers). Famous named trains would carry particular codes that might be familiar from photographs of the period.

Whether in 7mm O-gauge or OO 4mm scale, each pack contains a blackened etched steel headcode frame. This is to be folded into shape to form the support for the headcode character panels - a full set is included, enough for any required code. An enclosed magnet can be used to attach the frame to a loco front - simply place the magnet inside the model, behind the smokebox door.

The headcode character panels are printed on a composite material - paper backed with a rubberised magnetic layer. Being magnetic, they will stick to the headcode frame, but can easily be removed and reattached any number of times. The instructions with each pack describe some basic usage of the code panels. More details of headcodes can be found in the M. R. Bailey book "British Railways Headcodes", published by Ian Allen: ISBN 0-7110-2696-3.

  The L30B Pack.
L30AO 7mm£9.99
L30BOO 4mm£6.99

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