Continuing the list of releases in time order.

Final Third 2009
As Sharp As A New Pin
  4mm Flying Scotsman Winged Thistle Pin.

   L40D "The Flying Scotsman" Winged Thistle Headboard Gold-Plated Decorative 4mm Pin
   L91A/B Mk3 Coach Door Openning Controls & Indicator Lights (N 2mm & OO 4mm)
   D13 Aristocraft Overhead Flash & Other Class 66 Common Markings (G 1:29th)
   D15-A/B/C Teenage Cancer Trust 60074 "Teenage Spirit" (O 7mm, N 2mm, OO 4mm)
   D18-A/B/C Tinsley 08879 "Sheffield Childrens Hospital" (N 2mm, OO 4mm & 7mm O)
   D31-A/B 31452 DCR / British American Railway Services (N 2mm & OO 4mm)
   D44-A/B/C/D Colas Rail Class 66 (N 2mm, OO 4mm, 7mm O & G 1:29th)
   D55-A/B Class 56 Nose Grills - Ideal For D56-* (N 2mm & OO 4mm)
   D71-A/B/C Midland Mainline "Project Rio" HST Names & Numbers (N 2mm & OO 4mm)
   D75-A/B/C First/EuroPorte GBRf Class 66/7 Numbers/Logos (N 2mm, OO 4mm, O 7mm)

Middle Third 2009
Hundreds Of Brand New Decals
  Tiger Rail Wagon Leasing Decals.

   D14-L "Tornado" 60163 Prince Of Wales Headboard & Flags For Bachamann's 32-550A
   D16-* Tiger Rail Wagon Leasing Brandings (* N 2mm, OO 4mm, O 7mm)
   D17 Aristocraft Class 66 Bug-Eye LED Light Cluster Decals (G 1:29th)
   D19-A Custom Order Wagon TOPS Data Panels (O 7mm)
   D19-B Custom Order Wagon TOPS Data Panels (OO 4mm)
   D19-C Custom Order Wagon TOPS Data Panels (N 2mm)
   D29-* Freightliner Class 66 Vinyl Name/# Decals (* N 2mm, OO 4mm, G 1:29th)
   D39-X Italian Ferry Wagon Decals For HGB & Similar Types
   D49-X German Ferry Wagon Saarbrücken (Fährbootwagen Gbh21) TCEF Decals 4mm OO
   D59-X White Class 121/153 Logos ARRIVA Trains Wales & Other Re-Brand Liveries
   D73-* First "F" GBRf 73141 "Charlotte" & 73213 (* N 2mm & OO 4mm)
   D74-* DB Schenker Class 37 Logos & Name Packs- (* N 2mm, OO 4mm & 7mm O)
   D83-* ScotRail Sleeper Mk3 & DVT Whoosh Logos (* N 2mm, OO 4mm & 7mm O)
   D88-* ETL 86701 "Orion" & 86702 "Cassiopeia" (* N 2mm & OO 4mm)
   D92-X Class 92 Vinyl Name/Number/Logo Decals (SNCF, Euro Porte 2, EPS, BR, EWS)
   D99-* Bardon Aggregates 66623 "Bill Bolsover" (* OO 4mm & G 1:29th)

First Third 2009
T'ing Off To Start The Year
  Transrail Large T Logo 1-Piece Decals.

   D56-* ARTEMIS 56312 & COLAS RAIL 56311 Decals (* N 2mm, OO 4mm, 7mm O)
   D58-* ARRIVA Class 158 Black Decals For Various Liveries (* N 2mm & OO 4mm)
   D61-* ARRIVA Trains Wales Trenau Arriva Cymru 57/3 Decals (* N 2mm & OO 4mm)
   D62-* ARRIVA Trains Wales Trenau Arriva Cymru Coach Logos (* N 2mm & OO 4mm)
   D63-* ARRIVA Trains Wales Trenau Arriva Cymru Coach Lining (* N 2mm & OO 4mm)
   D65-* DBS 59206, Red 66s & Name (* N 2mm, HO 3.5mm, OO 4mm, O 7mm, G 1:29th)
   D94-* TRANSRAIL Disc Logos 1-Piece Decals (* N 2mm, OO 4mm & 7mm O)
   D97-* Network Rail Class 97 ex 37 Decals (* N 2mm, OO 4mm & 7mm O)
   L61/L62 Dellner Couplings & Class 57 Radiator Pipes (* N 2mm & OO 4mm)

Final Third 2008
Announcing Troops Home For Credit Crunch
  D64-A Applied To Re-Value A Lima 60.

   L*F Modern Headboard Foil Labels - Freightliner, EWS & Charter Tours (* Various Packs)
   D11-* Mk3 InterCity Pullman Train Decals - Merseyside & Manchester Pullmans (* 2 Packs)
   D25-* ETHEL 1, 2, 3 Class 25 Decals (* 3 Packs N 2mm, OO 4mm & 7mm O)
   D30XX Achilles Class Decals - Lord Of The Isles / Dean Single Details
   D64-* Army Advertising DBS 60040 Details (* 3 Packs O 7mm, N 2mm & OO 4mm)
   D85-* ONE Anglia Logo Decals (* 2 Packs OO 4mm & N 2mm)
   D86-* Anglia Railways Locos, DMUs & Coaches (* O 7mm, OO 4mm & N 2mm)

Middle Third 2008
WandS Out For Over 67s With DVTs
  Wrexham & Shropshire Class 67 Details.

   L41E/F Modern Headcode Label Blinds (Adding N 2mm To O 7mm & OO 4mm)
   WL/L60 Three To The Sea! - Rail Tour Headboards (O 7mm, OO 4mm & N 2mm)
   L68F/L69F Nameplates For Wrexham & Shropshire Engines 67012-5 (OO 4mm & N 2mm)
   D33-* West Coast Railways For 4mm Loco Classes 33, 37, 47 & 57(* 10 Packs)
   D34-* West Coast Railways Decals For N 2mm (* 9 Packs N 2mm)
   D60-2* Graham Farish Class 20 Tinsley Decals (* 4 Packs N 2mm)
   D60-4* Hornby/Lima/Bachmann 4mm OO Class 20 Tinsley Decals (* 4 Packs)
   D60-7* 7mm Class 20 Tinsley Decals (* 4 Packs O 7mm)
   D68-* Wrexham & Shropshire Class 67 Loco Decals (* 2 Packs OO 4mm & N 2mm)
   D69-* Wrexham & Shropshire Mk3 Coach & DVT Decals (* 8 Packs OO 4mm & N 2mm)

First Third 2008
A Big Tick For Freight Engines
  Advenza Freight Decals.

   D37-2* Graham Farish Class 37 Tinsley Names (* 23 Packs N 2mm)
   D37-4* 4mm OO Class 37 "Unofficial" Tinsley Names (* 23 Packs)
   D37-7* Class 37 "Unofficial" Names For JLTRT or Heljan (* 23 Packs O 7mm)
   D38-* Harry Needle Railroad Company Decals (* 10 Packs for OO 4mm & N 2mm)
   D42-2* Class 40 Final Painted Names For Graham Farish (* 10 Packs N 2mm)
   D42-4* Class 40 Final Painted Names For Lima/Hornby & Bachmann (* 10 Packs)
   D42-7* Class 40 Final Painted Names For JLTRT (* 10 Packs O 7mm)
   D43-* HST Nose Light Plated Lenses & Surrounds (* 6 Packs For Lima & Hornby Models)
   D53 Falcon Cast Plate & Name Decals (For The Heljan Limited Editions)
   D54-* Hayabusa Hybrid HST Train Decals (* 6 Packs OO 4mm & N 2mm)
   D57-* Advenza Freight Decals (* 5 Packs G-Scale 1:29th, OO 4mm & N 2mm)

Second Half 2007
Get Stipping & Put Your Hats On
  Colas Rail 47749 Demelza - Photo Geoff Dickens.

   L110* FM Rail Blue Pullman Details For The Hornby R1093 Train Set (* Four Packs)
   L50* Midland Headcodes - Boards & Characters (* 3 Packs O 7mm, OO 4mm & N 2mm)
   D50* Midland Headcode Characters - Coach Markings (* 2 Packs O 7mm & OO 4mm)
   D47-2* Class 47 Unofficial Names For Graham Farish (* 64 Packs N 2mm)
   D47-4* Class 47 Tinsley Unofficial Names OO 4mm (* Now 64 Decal Packs With Numbers)
   D47-7* Class 47 Unofficial Names For Heljan's Big Model (* Now 64 Packs O 7mm)
   D24-* Grand Central Rail HST Set Original Logos (* N 2mm & 4mm OO)
   D23-* Seco-Rail Logos For Class 58 Locos & Plasser Theurer Tampers (* 2 Packs)
   D22-* Colas Rail 47727, 47739 & 47749 Details (* N 2mm, 4mm OO & 7mm O)
   D21-* Victa Westlink Rail 47832 Details (* N 2mm & 4mm OO)
   D20-* FM Rail 47832 Details (* N 2mm & 4mm OO)
   D9-A Modern Traction O-Gauge Data & Depot Panels (Custom Order O 7mm)
   D9-B Modern Traction OO-Gauge Data & Depot Panels (Custom Order 4mm Scale)
   D8-2* Class 08/09 Tinsley Names For Graham Farish (* 26 Packs N 2mm)
   D8-4* Class 08/09 Tinsley Unofficial OO 4mm Names (* 26 Decal Packs With Numbers)
   D8-7* Class 08/09 Unofficial Names For Bachmann's Brass Kit (* 26 Packs O 7mm)

First Half 2007
Freightliner Turns Out 40 Ruby Stickers
  Freightliner Was 40.

   SL8 Custom Order Wrenn Pullman Named Sides - New Brighton Belle Options
   SL9 Custom Order Wrenn Pullman Upper Logos - Now Brighton Belle Options
   L16* Brighton Belle - Wrenn Full Super Detail Side Panels (* Six Packs)
   D45-2* Class 45 Unofficial Names For Graham Farish (* 24 Packs N 2mm)
   D45-4* Class 45 OO 4mm Unofficial Names (* 24 Name Decals Packs With Numbers)
   D45-7* Class 45 Unofficial Names For JLTRT (* 24 Packs O 7mm)
   D66-* Freightliner 40 Logos (* 3 Packs N 2mm & OO 4mm & G 1:29th)
   D67 Class 67 Grills - To Fix Hornby's R2522 & R2523
   BL51*/L51* Fixed Modern Headcodes (* 18 Packs For Specific Model Types)

Second Half 2006
Wet, Hot & Sticky With New Decals
  D10-B Double-Sided Waterslide Window Decals.

   D10-* Double-Sided Super-Detail Window Signs (* 2 Packs O 7mm & OO 4mm)
   D40-2* Class 40 Nameplates For Graham Farish (* 28 Packs N 2mm)
   D40-4* 4mm OO Class 40 Nameplates (* 28 Packs)
   D40-7* Class 40 Nameplates For JLTRT (* 28 Packs O 7mm)
   D41-2* Class 40 Numbers For Graham Farish (* 4 Packs N 2mm)
   D41-4* 4mm OO Class 40 Numbers (* 6 Packs)
   D41-7* Class 40 Numbers For JLTRT (* 2 Packs O 7mm)
   L96 Pines Express - Multiple Destination Boards & Foil Headboards
   R0 ALPS/OKI Printer Colour Chart

First Half 2006
Great New Stuff All Lined Up
  SL23 FGW Mk3 Panels.

   L18D Devon Belle Observation Car Matchboard Panels - For The OO Works Model
   L43T Gresley Teak Coach Horizontal Door Grain Correcting Panels
   L90* Northern Belle Train Set Super-Detailing & Buffet Conversion (* 2 Packs)
   SL22 Northern Belle Mk2 & Mk3 Coach Panels - Custom Name & Top Logo Panels
   SL23 FGW "Fag Packet" Mk3 Panels - Custom Numbered Panels (Sleeper, TGS, ...)

Fourth Quarter 2005
Duchess With Leading Royal
  Duchess Of Sutherland With L28B + L28F.

   WL/L28B Duchess Of Sutherland Royal Headboard (N 2mm, OO 4mm & O 7mm)
   R28 Preserved Steam Mainline Hoses For Duchess Of Sutherland
   SL20/21 Mk 1 Pullman "Anything You Want" Custom Name & Top Logo Panels
   L52X Running & Planned Class 52 Western Name/Numbers (Metallic Foil Labels)
   L52XN Running & Planned Western Name/Number Plates For N-Gauge (N 2mm)
   L103* Overhead Flash Plates/TDMs (* 3 Label Packs N 2mm, OO 4mm & O 7mm)
   D7-* The 1977 Silver Jubilee Class 47 163/4 Decorations (* 2 Packs N 2mm & OO 4mm)

Third Quarter 2005
Very Special Modern Traction
  L31D 47791 VSOE.

   L31D Venice Simplon Orient Express 47791 Plates, The Statesman Headboards & Decals
   WL103* Overhead Flash Plates (* 3 Weather Proof Packs N 2mm, OO 4mm & O 7mm)
   D3-* Overhead Flash Vinyls/TDMs (* 3 Waterslide Packs N 2mm, OO 4mm & O 7mm)
   D4-* XP64 BR Double-Arrow Vinyls (* 3 Waterslide Packs N 2mm, OO 4mm & O 7mm)
   D5-* Welsh Dragon Depot Markings (* 3 Waterslide Packs N 2mm, OO 4mm & O 7mm)
   D6 Tri-ang Cable Drum Wagon Tranfers - Reproductions Waterslide Decals For R18
   R1 Black Latex Rubber Tarpaulin Sheet 25x15cm - Flexible Loco/Tender Tarps (Any Scale)

Second Quarter 2005
Check Out The Super-Detail Foil Plates
  L3G Pullman Door Plate.

   L3G Pullman Car Company Metallic Foil Builder's Door Plates - Upgrade 4 Cars Per Pack
   L72* Anti-Slip Steel Door Plates & Sheets (* 3 Packs N 2mm, OO 4mm & O 7mm)
   SL16 Tri-ang Pullman Name Panels - "Any Name You Want"
   SL17 Custom Order "PULLMAN" Logo Panels For Tri-ang Pullmans
   SL18 Graham Farish N-Gauge Pullman Name Panels - "Any Name You Want" (N 2mm)
   SL19 Custom Order "PULLMAN" Logos For Graham Farish N-Gauge Pullmans (N 2mm)

First Quarter 2005
Examine Those Modern Headcodes
JLTRT Peaks Fitted With L41A.

 Photograph by
Duncan Langtree.
   L28F Duchess Of Sutherland Royal Train Commemorative Crowns Metallic Foil Nameplates
   BL41*/L41* Modern Traction Headcodes (* 10 Packs OO 4mm, O 7mm & New 2mm N)
   L43 N2 Destination Boards (Magnetic Attachment)
   L87A/B The Man Of Kent (With Metallic Foil Crested Headboards) (OO 4mm & O 7mm)
   L88A/B The Royal Wessex - Green & Maroon Roof Boards (With Metallic Foil Headboards)
   WSL12 / SL12 WR Auto Coach Destination Boards - "Anything You Want"

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