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Welcome to my site, Riverside Yard. The site is about the layouts that I am building, in a variety of scales - 009, HOn30, On30 & 1n20. These layouts are all small narrow gauge shunting/switching layouts, one English and three American.

To navigate through the site use the menu bar to the left. The links that you see now are visible from all pages in the site, although some pages will contain additional links on the menu allowing access to further pages within that section of the site.

The Operate section, the main part of the site for many visitors, allows you to operate representations of two layouts on screen using mouse clicks. This is done using JavaScript therefore no downloads are required, in fact once the page has loaded you could disconnect from the web if you are paying by the minute.

Enjoy your visit.

Progress diary (or, if you prefer, a Blog). Updated, whenever possible, on a Monday.
11 Nov: SM32 flat wagon kit, T gauge loco chassis ordered, painting started on OO9 rolling stock...[MORE]
1 Jul: Peco OO9 locomotive body kit bought. Some thoughts on the development of the OO9 rollings stock I am building...[MORE]
12 Jun: I have updated the photos on the site for a Peco loco kit and for two goods wagons which I am building...[MORE]
31 May: I am now intending to keep this blog much more up to date, hopefully getting back to weekly updates with photographs...[MORE]
31 Jan: HOn30 diesel body kit ordered. OO9 Unit Models loco body kit started. On30 14' tank car kit started and thoughts on lowering the body...[MORE]

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Site resdesign  
You may notice new pages appearing on the menu bar. This is an ongoing redesign of the site to better represent the fact that I spend far more time building rolling stock than I do layouts, so I plan to cover the two under separate sections.
Whilst working on the redesign I will endeavour to avoid broken links and blank pages, however there will be a transition period during which the same information may be presented on more than one page.

009, 1:76 on 9mm gauge
HOn30, 1:87 on 9mm gauge
009 layout
1n20, 1:32 on 16.5mm gauge

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