Site resdesign: New page  
This is a new page added as part of the 2010 site redesign, see homepage for details.
Whilst working on the redesign I will endeavour to avoid broken links and blank pages, however there will be a transition period during which the same information may be presented on more than one page.

This page will eventually link to details of all of the layouts that I am building. The reason for adding these pages here is that as part of the site redesign I am changing the organization so as to separate the layout pages from the rolling stock details pages, as this better aligns with the fact that I build the rolling stock before starting the layout to run it on.

The layouts that I am working on will eventually all appear in this section, those with the most recent progress appearing first on the menu. At this moment in time there is only one layout linked from here - this is a 009 minimum space layout, or micro layout, for which I do not as yet have a name. Click on the menu to the left to see further construction details for this layout.

Over time I will add pages detailing the progress and construction details of other layouts I am working on;

Lakewood is built in HOn30 and allows switching of 8 freight cars between 3 sidings using 2 points.
Lakewood, a HOn30 layout, under construction

Airedale is built in 009 as a terminus to fiddle yard layout.

The Skowhegan & Athens (S&ARR) is built in HOn30 and allows switching of 6 freight cars between 3 sidings using 6 points.

Riverside Yard, planned but not yet started, will be built in On30 and use basically the same trackplan as Lakewood.
Riverside Yard/Lakewood track plan, taken from the operate section of the site