SL14      BR-WR WAIST LEVEL PLATES £2.00 / £3.95

The BR Western Region used enamelled metal plates to show train name and/or destination details. Placed in the middle of each coach, on hanging brackets underneath the windows. For most of their life, the boards were painted yellow with black text, but other colours combinations were known to have been used as well. The typeface used was a modern Arial type font - with the normal dots above the letter "i"s removed - up to five short lines of text.

We offer custom made packs of 22 such plates, made using either glossy plastic film or waterproof printed matte paper/rubberised fridge-magnet material. The plastic film is a self-adhesive label. The fridge-magnet version sticks by magnetism alone - additional fridge magnet material is supplied to be placed inside the coach body to provide the attraction. Both versions are scale thickness and do not require further backing. To 4mm (OO) scale, the wording will be as specified in the form below.

Select the plate colour combination that you would like:

   XXX  - yellow with black text (the main BR colours)
   XXX  - carmine / maroon with cream text (earlier BR colours)

Note that the SR used similar sized green wooden plaques, but they had a slightly different shape - see our SL15 page if that's required.

Please enter the exact lettering that you would like on your plates in the boxes below - one for each of the five possible lines of text - you must enter text on at least one of the lines. Be sure to use UPPER or lower-case letters as you want them - the real text was in lower-case with initial capital letters. Include hyphens ( - ) and apostrophes ( ' ) as and where you want them to appear.

Top Line Of Text:  
Second Line Of Text:  
Third Line Of Text:  
Fourth Line Of Text:  
Last Line Of Text:  

When you are happy with the text that you have entered above, click on an "Add To Cart" button below to purchase the desired labels. If you would like to order more than one set of plates to the same specification, you can either "Add To Cart" again or alter the quantity required in the PayPal shopping cart window which opens. To order labels with a different specification, simply alter your text above and then "Add To Cart" again. Note that only so many characters fit the width in a prototypical font size.

A Real Plate Preserved.

Self-adhesive glossy plastic film labels, order code "SL14", are priced at £2.00 - a pack of 22 plates made to your specifications.

Weather Proof Pack.

Waterproof printed fridge-magnets, order code "WSL14", are £3.95 - also for a pack of 22 plates made according to your requirements.