This page contains details of all major revision to the site. Check here to see what has changed since your last visit.

14 April 2008
    A new section of pages added for my 009 layout, Airedale.

27 February 2007
    Details of my Lakewood HOn30 layout have now been expanded from one page to five.

01 September 2006
    A new page started for a new HOn30 layout, Lakewood, that I am currently building.

22 December 2005
    S&ARR HOn30 rolling stock page is now expanded to three pages.
    Also started a new page on the site detailing the steps to scratch build an HOn30 flatcar.

7 March 2005
    The name of the timesaver layout is changed from Luckenbach & Grape Creek to Skowhegan & Athens, to keep it in line with the layout I am building.

17 June 2004
    Riverside Yard receives the silver smokin' award.

20 May 2004
    Rolling stock pages for Riverside Yard layout expanded. Also copyright statement added.

10 April 2004
    Monitor resolution, some pages were not easily viewable in 800x600. Now fixed.

23 January 2004
    New style menu bar added. Also new Site map page, allows all pages to be accessed from a single location.

15 January 2004
    New Hints & Tips section added to the site.

05 December 2003
    On30 layout pages updated to show building in progress and planned stock.

10 November December 2003
    Photographs of HOn30 stock added to L&GC pages.

20 March 2003
    Riverside Yard receives the bronze smokin' award.

21 November 2002
    Rolling stock page added to L&GC layout pages.

14 November 2002
    All pages changed so that the whole site, except for the operate pages, are viewable using Netscape Naviagator. Also opportunity take for a general tidy up.

31 May 2002
    Site E Mail address changed to one that works! Please write.

10 March 2002
    New look site with second layout

23 January 2002
    Joined narrow gauge model railway webring

13 October 2001
    Site moved to Precision Labels server - no more pop-up adverts!

4 December 2000
    Site created on geocities as part of Nashville Music News.